The Inevitability of God?

The Inevitability Question:

Is God inevitable?

The Inevitability Axiom:

God is inevitable!

The Inevitability Theorem:

Godhood is the inevitable result of the human aspiration to godliness.

The Inevitability of God?

The Inevitability Hypothesis:

  • Human class intelligence in combination with altruistic behavior is sufficient to eventually advance technology to the point that a minimal level of godhood is achievable.
  •  Minimal godliness includes immortality. Desirable godliness includes altruism.
  • Human class intelligence without altruistic behavior is not likely to advance technology to the point where minimal godhood is achievable.
  • Given the likelihood that this earth is not the only nor the first instance of human class intelligence, it is highly likely that a minimal godhood already exists somewhere in the universe.
  • Given the likelihood that a minimal godhood already exists but is not evidently exploiting us, then it is highly likely that the minimal godhood is also a desirable godhood, that is, it is altruistic.
  • Given that a minimal desirable godhood already exists, then it’s altruism would lead to fostering the development of godliness in like intelligences, therefore the human race is likely its progeny in some form.

The final clause of the Inevitability Hypothesis leads to,

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